Lyndhurst Rainwater Catchment & Tank


Project Category:


Location/Communities Affected:

Manchester, Mile Gully, Lyndhurst

Project Description:

 Location/Communities Affected:

      Lyndhurst, Manchester
              The facility lies in North West Manchester, approximately fifteen miles in the hills above
              Mile Gully, near communities such as Coley Mountain and Maidstone.
Background and Purpose:
      The Lyndhurst rainwater concrete catchment and tank were built in the early 1960’s by the British Government. This rainwater harvesting facility lies approximately fifteen miles in the hills above Mile Gully, near communities such as Coley Mountain and Maidstone. It serves an estimated population of approximately 800 residents spread across three neighbouring communities. The concrete storage tank has a capacity of 200,606.82 litres and is in good condition, however, the perimeter fencing of the catchment area is in a state of disrepair. The concrete catchment area is also in need of minor repairs. The absence of the perimeter fencing exposed the facility to animals and animal excrements which rendered the water unsuitable for human consumption. Therefore, the Government of Jamaica came to the decision to repair the fencing in order to keep animals from accessing the catchment area and contaminating the chlorinated water that is stored in the catchment area.
      The repairs to the perimeter fencing and the resulting improved water quality have led to residents relying less on expensive trucked water from private truckers.
Projected Outputs:
       The outputs of the project were:
  •          The replacing of the catchment fencing and wall footing to fencing.
  •          The repairing of the catchment area.
  •          The bushing, painting and other decorative work of the facility.
Operator of the System:
      The Manchester Parish Council is responsible for operating and maintaining the catchment facility.
Status and Cost:
      The project was completed at a cost of $0.422 million.
      This project started on January 2, 2015 and ended on January 26, 2015.
Project Management Team:                      
      The project management team comprised of Mr. Patrick Reid from Rural Water Supply and Mr. Donican Sutherland from the Manchester Parish Council.




Project Status:

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