The development of the water resource potential of the Blue Mountain Rivers to serve the perpetually expanding needs of the Kingston Metropolitan Area was confirmed in 1980 when the engineering feasibility of the Yallahs Pipeline Project was completed.

On April 21, 1983 the Government of Jamaica through the Jamaican National Investment Company (JNIC), renamed the National Investment Bank of Jamaica (NIBJ), established Carib Engineering Corporation Limited (CECL). CECL entered into contracts to implement the construction of the Yallahs Pipeline Project. Construction works commenced in September 1983 and the full scheme was commissioned in February 1986. The project was completed within the specified time and CECL received the 1986 Gleaner Honour Award “For dramatic engineering breakthrough in record time in bringing water from Yallahs, St. Thomas to improve the water supply in the corporate area.”

CECL’s role as implementing agency expanded significantly since the construction of the Yallahs Pipeline. Its functions included the responsibility for the island wide development and implementation of major water supply schemes as well as rural water development, utilizing funds provided by the Government of Jamaica and international agencies.

In its over thirty years’ history, the company developed and maintained the well deserved reputation for proficiency in the field of Project Management & Implementation, particularly in the area of water supply infrastructure. This is reflected in major savings on such projects as Martha Brae Water Supply Scheme (1987 – 1988), Great River Water Supply Scheme (1990 – 1992), Great River Distribution Improvements (1995 – 1997), South Chapleton Water Supply (1996 – 2001) and Bluefields / Whitehouse Water Supply (2000 – 2001).
With the establishment of the Ministry of Water & Housing (MOW&H) in 1997, CECL was given a more significant role and an expanded mandate.
The Company continued to offer:-

  1. Project Design
  2. Engineering Services
  3. Project Management
  4. Management Services

To other agencies of Government which include the:-

    • The National Water Commission (NWC)
    • The National Irrigation Commission (NIC)
    • The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
    • The National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC)
    • The Ministry of Water & Housing (MOW&H)

Although historically, the implementation of large water supply projects had been the company’s mainstay,  the reduction in the number of large projects caused a considered and strategic repositioning of the company to ensure its viability, sustenance and more importantly, its relevance during the early 2000’s.

The company embarked on a traditionally uncharacteristic programme of developing a strategy to market its resources and skills outside of the public sector in an effort to realize and exploit revenue opportunities.

In 2002 the company began an organisational restructuring exercise, phase 1 of which was completed by March 2003. The restructuring saw:-

  • Winding up and dissolution of its western operations
  • A retrenchment of the operational expenses (including staff cuts).
  • The reorganization and redirection of the core functions of its engineering services.

In March 2006, Carib Engineering Corporation Limited was rebranded and the name was changed to Rural Water Supply Limited.
Being more than a name change, an identified task of the company is to develop a master plan for Rural Water Development. The plan will propose solutions for distribution of potable water on a parish by parish basis. It will take into consideration issues like, status of existing systems, socio-economic profile of communities and the availability of water resources. There will be a strong element of community development and capacity building. The Inter-American Development Bank is currently being pursued to provide grant funding for this major exercise.


Funding for the company is provided in general through the government of Jamaica’s Capital “A” budget financing for specific projects as identified through the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment & Climate Change.

Other projects funded by external clients are implemented upon request.

Corporate Offices

25 Dominica Drive
Kingston 5
The Towers 3rd Floor (North Side)
Telephone: (876) 754-5485
Fax. Line: (876) 754-5500
Email Address: info@rwslja.com